There are over 300,000 different scholarships available nationwide. In the United States, a total of over $28 billion worth of scholarship funds are available from the private sector alone annually.  They add up to 3% of the funds available for college in the United States.

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Student Aid


These come from several sources.  College financial aid, or college funding as it is more commonly referred, is defined as all monies that are provided to the student and make up the difference between the college’s advertised cost of attendance and the amount the family pays from their own resources.

College funding can be made up of grants, scholarships, fellowships, tuition reductions or discounts, federal work-study jobs, as well as, student and parent loan programs.

This depends on the Expected Family Contributions (EFC) which is calculated by the FAFSA and the college administration.  

Scholarships vs Student Aid

3 Funding Sources


Federal & State Governments – PELL and SEOG grant programs are sponsored by the federal government and are need-based aid programs for lower-income families.  Many states offer grant programs based upon academic performance by the student while in high school (Bright Futures is an example of one). The percentage of the money will be dependant on the ACT or the SAT scores. Students are typically required to attend a public, in-state college to benefit from these state grant programs.


Colleges – The colleges are the largest source of gift aid.  The colleges are also responsible for distributing the federal financial aid funds that are allocated to the college by the government.  Colleges use their funding to attract the students that they feel will bring them the best return on their investment.  Colleges will discount their tuition to gain the students that need more aid or are good for the school due to opportunities to benefit the school now of in the future. (ie. gifts to the college later through alumni groups.)


The Private Sector – Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Visa, the local Elks Club, The Rotary Club, etc. are all sources of private-sector scholarship money.  Although many families believe private sector scholarships are the best way to offset the costs of college, the reality is that only 3% of the gift aid awarded each year comes from private sector scholarships.